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How I'm keeping busy during this pandemic...

As we're all aware, things had turned upside down pretty quickly. I had just spent Mardi Gras in New Orleans celebrating the culture and music when suddenly everyone at my job was laid off and the city shut down- a full 180. I took it as a universal sign that I needed to slow down and reflect. So I packed up a rental car with my boxes and my guitar, and I came home to my family in Dallas. What turned into something I thought would "blow over in a week" has obviously turned into something more permanent. I've taken this time as an opportunity to create a new routine for myself, get back in touch with my art, and start this blog. My day consists of spending time reading all the books I ignored in college. Currently, it is Uta Hagens "A Challenge for the Actor" which I seriously recommend for anyone who likes to take a more psychological/spiritual approach to their acting. There's no doubt she is a great teacher and her words are clear and concise, as if she's in the room speaking with me personally. Another book I've felt helpful along side this is Eckhart Tolles' "The Power of Now". Though it is not a theatre art books, it's lessons and exercises on presence are invaluable. Presence, being able to live in the moment, is essential for truthful and honest acting. Uta would agree full-heartedly. Besides my personally mandated readings, I take time to continue the practice of Yoga and meditation, something many of my acting professors have instilled in me as a daily practice. At night, I watch movies- but not in the usual passive way. I challenge myself to be entirely aware of the actors and the choices they are making throughout. I try to create an opinion for myself that isn't based on what I think is a "right" or "wrong" opinion, but rather really getting in touch with my feelings about it. I've also been sitting in with Zoom Q&A's provided by Actors Connection. Most of the talks have been with talent agents speaking about the specifics of the industry and how this pandemic might affect the way things are handled in the future. These are just an example of the simplest daily habits I've adopted to keep my mind sharp until I can be back out on the scene. Now I'm going to go wash my hands..

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