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Annalisa graduated with her BFA in Acting from Marymount Manhattan College. Before moving to NYC in 2015, she grew up on the road and has lived in places as far as Korea, Germany, and Italy. The lessons and people along the way have shaped her unique perspective of life. She discovered her love for storytelling and living in the imagination at a young age and has pursued it ever since. When she's not acting she finds joy in coaching other actors, writing for the stage, making music, creating visual art, and exploring all sorts of creative outlets.



Annalisa offers in-person or online coaching for students looking to audition for a theatre arts program. With her experience and success, she has a well of knowledge to share about acting and tips and tricks to stand out to college panels. She also offers coaching in script analysis, acting for the camera, Shakespeare, or monologue preparation. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to learn more!


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